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Riseholme Park Farm is part of University of Lincoln Estates and Phillips Pressure Washers is proud to have a long association with them.  Matt Bagley, Farm and Estate Manager, explained that the operation is growing and whilst it is very much focused on education and research it is also a fully working farming enterprise  of grassland and mixed cropping, 70 head of cattle and 300 ewes.  Matt explained “We have a range of equipment to keep clean as well as buildings and areas of concrete.  The Avant purchased earlier this year is a great piece of kit.  We can run a longer hose from it with no power loss and the combination of hot water and high pressure is key.  We were using it on multiple sites and finding that we needed it more and more so took the decision to purchase a second Avant last month.  The service that we have had from Phillips Pressure Washers has been excellent, from the original enquiry right through to the engineers installing the Avants, and we value that very highly.”